Governmental Services

David R. Mercier
Vancouver, Washington
Ph: (360) 546-5640
Kenbrio's Governmental Services division provides government entities with project management, organizational assessment and strategic planning services, as well as direct operational assistance. The division relies on the expertise of Director David R. Mercier's more than thirty years of Chief Executive Officer and senior management experience in the public sector.

Successful public sector experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic planning for operations and projects.
  • Analysis and development of multi-year strategic financial plans.
  • Independent assessments of departmental activities for purposes of management oversight, coordination and peer review.
  • Process improvement and the development of efficient systems for delivering services to internal and external clients.
  • Facilitation of visioning, goal-setting, budget planning, relationship building, and achieving consensus on controversial issues.
  • Public affairs communications and governmental relations.
  • Labor relations consultation, grievance avoidance and contract administration.
  • Project management.
  • Debt management and restructuring for lower borrowing costs.
  • Dispute mediation, and risk management profiles and options.
  • Fostering public/private partnerships and guiding economic development initiatives.
  • Cultivating project specific public participation through a variety of means.

Public sector project examples include:

  • Managing a two year technical exchange between Dubrovnik, Croatia and Monterey, CA focusing on economic diversification and historic preservation under the auspices of the United States Agency for International Development, the Urban Institute and the International City/County Management Association.
  • Assisting communities with the design of realistic five-year strategic financial plans and debt-restructuring programs.
  • Surveying and recommending methods to improve the governance and management of a cooperative asset sharing association of 16 public sector agencies.
  • Assessing the functioning of the consolidated County/City Parks and Recreation Department serving a population base of 345,000.
  • Managing a major reorganization project whereby Clark County, WA with 1,600 employees created a Department of Health by assimilating and streamlining the programs of the Clark and Skamania County Health District with 160 employees and a $15,000,000 annual budget.
  • Providing facilitation for City Council/senior staff annual retreats and planning conferences.
  • Conducting diagnostic reviews of Eastern European cities for potential technical exchanges under the auspices of the International Resources Cities Program.
Detailed resumes of principals assigned to your projects are available upon request.